DIY Jewelry Organizer

I am sure that if you are reading this you are like me where unexpectedly your jewelry has taken over your dresser.  For me it was like it happened over night one day things were nicely organized and then boom it was like jewelry exploded all over.  I already had this tree stand that held my pieces, but I started to realize it just was not useful anymore.  It was good when I had just a couple pieces but once my collection started to grow and evolve it wasn’t working out anymore.  My next issue was that I couldn’t find anything that worked with my decor or that was really any different than I already had.  I didn’t want to end up with 3 or 4 tree organizers on my dresser just to keep things organized.  So in order to get something that would be functional I knew I was going to have to make something myself.  I needed something big enough to hold long necklaces and be able to blend in with the room and not stand out too much.  Because it is a frame the jewelry pieces become a work of art on my wall when they were hung up.

Here is a look at what you are going to make!


©Blurred Lines

I started with some research on of course Pinterest and found a lot of pictures of organizers like I wanted or similar to what I needed but very few actually had instructions.  Most of the pins were dead ends which is a whole other topic because that is a major pet peeve of mine on Pinterest.  I am sure I am not the only one that hates dead end pins.  So I decided to just give a go and here is how I did it.

First you need to gather up your supplies:

– Frame in any size; should be all wood so that you can attach the staples.  I picked out a white frame that measures from the exterior 20″W x 24″H

– Roll of poultry netting – can be found in your hardware store near the fencing. I purchased a square shaped netting but you can get the standard hexagon shape.  It depends on the look you want. (the octagon shape will be more country themed; versus the square which feels more modern)

– Staple gun & staples; I used 1/4″ staples

– Tin snips to cut wire netting

– Gloves (this is a must more on why later)

– Towel or mat to lay frame on


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Once you have all your supplies, lay out your work space.  You are going to need a pretty large area to work with the netting.  Working with the netting is the hardest part so you will want some space to move around in but once you get things cut it becomes a bit more manageable.

Now that you have your space all laid out you are going to want to spread out your towel or mat; I used my yoga mat for cushion.  Place your frame upside down on the mat and measure the inside width and height.


©Blurred Lines

Be sure to measure it from each corner and down the middle, to verify that it is the same distance.  For me the interior measurements were 16″W x 20″H.  Now that we know what the interior measurements are we will need to cut the netting.

Cutting the netting can be a bit tricky, here is where you should grab a pair of gloves.  I did not use some and regretted it, the edges are prickly.  So do the opposite of me and protect your lovely hands!  For me the getting the roll unwrapped was a bit of an issue it has wire wrapped around the outside spiraling inside as well.  So when removing this wire the roll quickly expands.  This is where the gloves come in handy because you can grip and move things around with a bit more ease.

IMG_0563Now that you have gotten your netting rolled out, you may need to fold and mold it to get it lay flat enough to work with.  Luckily it is mold-able so you can adjust this as needed.  Once you have it flat enough you need to measure out a piece the size of the inside of your frame.  Cutting the wires isn’t easy at first but once you cut the first few rows you will get the hang of it and it will move smoothly.  I noticed I had to make sure that the wire was close to the inside of the snips to get the full pressure of the blades.


©Blurred Lines

Now that your netting is cut you will want to lay it inside your frame and make sure that things are fitting correctly.  You will have to do some adjusting of the wire by bending and molding it to lay flat inside the rim of the frame.  This is a bit time consuming and you will be adjusting things even when you begin to staple too, so it doesn’t have to be perfect but should be close.

©Blurred Lines

©Blurred Lines

Now for the tricky part you are going to staple the netting into place.  Start at one corner and staple it as close to the inside of lip.  If you staple to close to the outside of the frame it could chip the frame; you can see this in the picture below.  I got a little too close to the edge and ended up dinging my frame.  I actually did this twice during the process, so I have a couple chips that can be seen from certain angles.

©Blurred Lines

©Blurred Lines

If you notice the staple that is on the left side of the photo this is how close you want to staple the netting.  I would place a staple ever 2 – 3 inches along each side, being sure to staple at the corners first.  Adjust the staples to your frame you may need more or less, I noticed in some areas I added a few extra because the netting didn’t lay just right.  Once you have stapled the netting down you are all set to begin your organization.

I used small S hooks to hang the necklaces and a few hoop earrings.  You can get these S hooks in different sizes depending on your jewelry needs.  Here is a close up of the bottom corner and how everything lays once hooked on.


©Blurred Lines

You are now all set to keep things organized!  I will admit now that I have taken my items off of the tree stand I had and put them on this frame, I am able to see things more clearly.  Which has allowed me to wear pieces I forgot I had because the pieces look better when you can view them.  I am already planning to make other frames of different sizes because I unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it have too many pieces for this frame and it filled up really quickly.

I hope you give this a try for your jewelry organization.  If you do make one be sure to come back and let me know how it went!

Breaking Away From Facebook

I am just going to assume it is safe to say that if you are reading this you have a Facebook account.  Who doesn’t these days?  Pretty much every business, person, and pet has one.  Hearing that someone doesn’t have one is so rare that when we do hear it we are shocked.  Which brings me to today’s post, I have decided to leave Facebook behind and break away.  You know what?  It isn’t as easy as it sounds.  You would think that all you need to do is deactivate/delete your account.  In theory you are right, but before you can do that you have to take into account the pages you’ve created or websites you use with that login.  Which of course I do both, so that means no deactivating my account because I still need to get to these pages/websites.  But before I go into all that lets go back to why I decided to do this.

Recently I have started to notice that Facebook has become more of an irritation rather than a fun way to keep up with everyone.  It use to be so nice to see what people where doing; whether it was traveling, getting married, or having babies.  You got to be a part of things even if you couldn’t be there in person.  It started out this way but over the last year I would catch myself scrolling through my news feed just trying to see what people were saying but could rarely see these statuses because they were clouded by all the ads, game suggestions, sponsored likes and the shared photos from other pages.  It has become about the money versus the people.  Most of my feed has now resorted to people just reposting photos from other pages versus a status.  Then you add that most of the other social apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest link to Facebook accounts so you then have to deal with all those posts on Facebook and if you use those apps on there as well.  It was so much over kill that I noticed I was getting more and more irritated each time I logged on to Facebook.  Every time I had to scroll past a sponsored ad or like I would just cringe.  You would think that if I noticed myself getting irritated that I would just stop checking but at that point it was part of the routine that I just couldn’t help myself.  I caught myself checking Facebook randomly without even really thinking about it on my phone; I would check it in the morning and all through the night.  It was like it was a habit or even an addiction.  I had to click the app and see what was going on.  I would say to myself something interesting has to be going on then I would click and find out that it was just e-cards and political posts over and over again.

I then began to notice that the app for the iPhone was acting weird it was showing me posts that were three days old which I had already seen.  Then I would get these random notifications that a friend was doing something somewhere in the city that I have no connection to.  It was becoming a thorn in my side and I was no longer getting anything from being logged on and that was when I decided I needed to take a step back.  I started with first saying  “I am not going to check Facebook for the rest of the evening”, then I would catch myself an hour later clicking the app on my phone during a commercial.  I tried this for a couple days failing each time and ending up back on the app.  I eventually got to a couple days ago where I decided to take the leap and delete the app from my phone.  Hopefully preventing me from accessing without thinking.  Honestly that was really liberating; it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  Who would have thought that something so simple would have that effect.  I do catch myself zombie like trying to go to the app but then realize the app is gone and put the phone down.

While I made it through the next few nights, and was very happy about that.  It was nice to not have it as part of the evening.  I do have to admit I did ended up checking Facebook the next morning approximately 13 hours after I deleted the app while at work.  I was not surprised at all that I hadn’t missed anything because that is exactly what happened I didn’t miss a thing, it was still all ads, sponsored likes, game requests and shared e-card pics.  I ended up checking a couple times throughout the day while at work out of habit but I quickly closed the tab and moved on.  Even as I write this post I will admit I looked this morning at Facebook after going almost 24 hours and it still is exactly the same and I am not missing things at all.  It is a bit easier to not check it, especially since I am seeing that there is nothing special going on.  People are still posting all the same things that I am just not interested in anymore.

Now at this point you are probably saying why not just delete you account and move on.  Which trust me I want to do, but I don’t think people realize how connected everything today has become to Facebook.  For me I manage my jobs page on Facebook; so in order to do this I have to be logged on as me so I can get to the admin page.  So I am bound to it through Facebook.  Then you have to think about all the other things that Facebook links to, like Pinterest.  My account is linked to Facebook.  Well I like Pinterest so if I get rid of Facebook will I loose my pins and have to start over?  Even Groupon & Living Social allow you to access their sites with Facebook login, well if you don’t have an account you can no longer access those things.  The other way that I have noticed the take over of Facebook has been through blog contests.  A lot of the contests that I have seen late require you to Like their page on Facebook in order to gain an entry in their contest.  In general even when I enjoyed Facebook I didn’t do those type of entries because I didn’t want to share all my Facebook information with the blog.  I have always thought about the fact that each time you use that login somewhere you are sharing that information.  We do it so easily these days that we begin to get blinded by how far Facebook’s reach has gone.

Now I am not against social media as a whole, I am a big lover of Twitter and Instagram.  I still use them daily but because they are only really focused on one to two things I find them easier to enjoy.  I don’t cringe or feel irritated about their content so it keeps me going back.  So how do you feel about Facebook these days?  Do you still love all the changes and find that it is a great site?  Or are you like me struggling with the choice to leave?  Leave me a comment and tell me your perspective!

Popsugar Must Have Box – May 2013

Well unfortunately this review is coming a bit late, things have just been crazy I haven’t had time to focus on getting a picture of the items.  I was really hoping I was one of the lucky winners of the clutch bag, but at lass I was not.  I think this popped my excitement bubble a little because the contest was one of the deciding factors to keep my subscription one more month.

So here we go May’s must have box.

©Blurred Lines

©Blurred Lines

I will start at the top and work clockwise.  First up the Giselle Mid-Brim Hat by Kooringal.  © Blurred LinesI was a bit excited to see a nice floppy hat for the summer, it has a molded-able brim so that it can be easily packed for those summer trips to the beach.  But the hat itself is a bit small for me so I can’t really pull it down onto my head.  Because it sits so high on me the top of the hat really sticks up and looks like I have a cone head, it is a bit stiff so I don’t think I will be able to use it.  I may have to see if my mother would like it.  To the left is a better picture of the item since it was hard to get the right angle in the group shot.

Next up we have the Sweet Chili chips from Way Better Snacks; this was one of the box extras that they normally throw in.  I have yet to try these but I am looking forward to them, it seems like a great flavor.  This is a company that I have never heard of before and I like that they use nuts and grains to enhance them.  They do use a technique called sprouting which allows the grains and seeds to release their hidden benefits before they are put in the chip.  Since I have been on weight watchers for the last few months I am always looking for ways to get those random snack cravings that come up.  So I have high hopes for these chips, stay tuned to my twitter @TheBlurredLines for an update on how they taste!

Now we have the Mindy Kaling Questions I Ask When I Want to Talk About Myself conversation cards.  When I first saw this I was really excited, I love conversation cards.  I own two Table Topics cubes and love to bust them out when I have people over, so another set of conversation cards sounded great.  Then I opened them up, they aren’t necessarily conversation cards as much as just a way to put parts of her book on cards and then a tiny question at the bottom, almost so small to read on some you might think it is a footnote.  Now don’t get me wrong I read her book and it was funny, so there is no doubt that her little stories wont be funny, but I don’t think this was the best medium for this.  Maybe if I hadn’t read her book I would have found them better, I will leave them on the coffee table and see if they get the conversation going but I am not really on board yet.

Next up is the Beauty Blender and Cleanser.  This is a raindrop shaped makeup applicator sponge.  This sounds like a nice product providing a way to apply seamless makeup application.  Now for my daily routine does not include any actual wet foundation, I just use powder as a base.  Now on occasion I do go a bit more detailed and use foundation so I will give this a try when I do that.  I am not sure if it will work as well with just my powder but I should test that out sometime.  The nice point would allow you to get into the more hard to reach points like right around the nose and your under eye area.  The nice thing about this item was that it came with the cleanser to help keep things nice and clean.

Right next to that is the Charm & Chain $30 gift card towards a purchase.  Now I am not a fan of them putting gift certificates in the box; I would rather get a piece so I can see the quality before making a purchase.  So I was a bit disappointed to see this as part of the value of the box.  I did go to their website and unfortunately there is nothing on the site that is for $30 or below, everything is over this price.  So we do have to put up money to get something.  And of course all the pieces I actually liked were $100 and up.  Which for my budget it just doesn’t fit.  The one piece I found close to $30 was a pair of turquoise earrings but even though they were listed under turquoise they were no longer available unless I got them in a rose color.  So that was  a bit disappointing.

Next up is the Pacifica Color Tint Lip Tint.  I received the guava berry which in the tube looks like a deep purple red color.  It smells really good when you open the tube.  Upon application to the lips it turns a soft pink/purple color which was not intense at all.  At first I was a bit nervous because the color in the tube is dark, so I was happy to learn that it is sheer.  This is perfect for me because I have been looking for a light pink color that I can throw on for day to day.  Now the scent and flavor once on the lips is a little weird, almost fruit mixed with mint.  I am hoping I get used to this the more I wear it.  But overall I am very happy with this lip tint and even more happy that it was not a pot like Popsugar is more famous for sending.  By sending something in a tube it was already gaining marks.

Last up we have the Modern Margarita Cocktail kit.  This kit comes with 5 different margarita flavors and colored rimming sugar.  Since this box came after Cinco de Mayo I was not able to give this a shot, but I do plan to keep it on hand for my next cocktail party or gathering.  I did see that you can pick this kit up at Target over the weekend on sale for $5.99.  So if these taste amazing at least I know it is something I can get just around the corner.

Retail Price Breakdown

Kooringal Hat: $27.99

Mandy Kaling Question Cards: $14.95

Beauty Blender & Cleanser: $23.95

Chain & Charm:  $30.00

Pacifica Lip Tint: $7.00

Modern Cocktails: $8.29

Total Retail Value: $112.18

($82.18 value without gift certificate)

*The chips are not included in the price breakdown because they were listed as an extra but retail for $3.

If you have been following my last few reviews you know that I have been on the fence about my monthly Popsugar subscription.  Things just have not been living up to the boxes that I was receiving at the start of their service.  With April’s box being as bad as it was I actually planned to cancel after receipt of the box and the only reason I didn’t was because I received an e-mail saying they were running a contest where they were giving away 10 clutch purses in May’s box.  I am sucker for a cute purse so I really hoped I would be one of the lucky ones.

Overall my opinion is this box was just OK, most of the stuff I wont be using and the only thing that stands out to me is the lip tint.  I am especially disappointed about the $30 Charm & Chain gift card, if you take this away from the merchandise that was included in the box the box falls under their $100 box value.  While I do not expect each box to be way above $100, I want the quality of items to meet that value.  Lately this just isn’t happening and when one of your main items in the box is a gift card it takes away from the overall value that you are receiving.  I do think for the most part this has been a fun subscription but a few days after receiving May’s box I cancelled my subscription and will no longer be getting their boxes.  I do know that just within the last few days I saw on one of the Popsugar sites they said there are still a 100 boxes left for June, so I am guessing that they have had a few cancellations over the last few months because for months they were sold out and you couldn’t even join up for at least 2 months.  So this is saying something about the subscription.

I do plan to keep tabs on their boxes and see if at a later date I want to rejoin because their idea of being well rounded and providing things from all different areas is a great idea where as most boxes are just based on one subject.  So for now I am going to be looking into other subscriptions.  I really do like the idea of subscription boxes and there are so many out there it is hard to choose; so for right now I haven’t decided on a replacement.  If you have a monthly subscription you love leave me a comment so that I can check it out!

**I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review

Quick Hello

I am still here alive and kicking I promise.  Things have just been crazy between work and then taking a vacation to Laguna Beach I haven’t had much time to blog.  I did receive my May Pop Sugar Box right before I left on vacation and I hope to have that review up for you by the middle of the week.  Then hopefully I can give you a second post at the end of the week either a recipe or hotel review, I haven’t thought that far in advance.

Just wanted to swing by and say hi and stay tuned for more posts!!


Life Lesson #1

I read this blog post this week that has really stuck with me.  It was over at A Life Less Bullshit; written by the very talented Nicole.  I have been reading her blog for years and she always has this way of saying things that just make you think.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that she isn’t afraid to use all caps and cussing which of course enhances her writing not distract from it, because it just shows you how human she is.  While I have been a fan of hers for awhile nothing has stuck out to me more than her post titled “Do Whatever You Fucking Want”.  I mean right there in the title it is pretty straight forward and so simple; yet so hard to follow.  Which has got me thinking; am I doing whatever I fucking want to do?

I have always seemed to pander to people in my life in some way.  I do what they want to do, hide the way I feel, don’t talk about what is going on with me because they need me to listen to them, and find excuses for why they treat me the way they do.  Then there is the whole how I treat myself, why am I not baking all the time, writing that children’s book, sketching on weekends, decorating my house, dining at local restaurant alone, or not doing this or that; because I am scared of how others will perceive me.  Which is why Nicole’s post was so great because she point blank stated you need to do you.  Ok I summarized what she was saying into five words but you get the gist.  At some point in your life you have to realize that there is no one else that can do you and you need to stop fighting yourself and do whatever you fucking want.

 A few days before Nicole’s post came out I made the decision to splurge on a Nespresso machine.  Of course me being me I had to do the math and make sure that it was a wise financial decision.  Even though this machine was for me and only me I still couldn’t help myself and had to go to my Mom and lay out all the numbers and get her opinion.  Not only because I truly do value her opinion but also because I felt I needed her approval.  Which is funny since I am 30 years old, own my own home, and have a job.  She does not control my finances or have any say on where or when I spend my money but yet I still needed her approval.  Luckily for me she was all for it, I think it was the numbers especially since she is an accountant. Which leads me to my current obsession which is of course every latte, cappuccino or espresso I have made in the last 4 days.  I have been blowing up my social media tweeting & instagraming it all the time I am sure everyone is sick and tired of hearing about it but oh well!  I have caught myself second guessing if I should tweet this or that about my machine because I am so excited to have it that I just can’t help myself and you know what that is ok!  This is something that I am in love with right now and it is ok to be a total dork about it and get hyped up on espresso whenever I want because it is what I want.

So not only was I totally inspired by Nicole’s post but she also has a great Change Your Story post which completely relates, because we have to learn that it is ok to make changes to who we are and move forward.  I am not sure if it is more noticeable now because we are so inundated with social media so everything we do is broadcasted to the masses in some way or form.  So we second guess our choices, because people are going to see this or know that we are doing this.  But we have to learn that it is ok to stop doing something or to even start doing something because it is what we need or want to do.  It is up to you to make those changes and to realize that you are your own worst enemy.  We are also our hardest critics, every move we make we over analyze and it just doesn’t make sense. We need to learn to be our biggest cheerleader instead.  I catch myself not wanting to share my blog on my own personal facebook, because I don’t know how people will react.  But why do I care?  Well I care because I want to be liked, we all do.  It is our default reaction to not do something because someone we know may have an opinion on what we are doing.  For me I decided that I wanted to be more active on my blog and try to find my voice online; it is going to have its own struggles.  If I want to share this blog I should and if I don’t then that is OK because this is something I am doing for me.  People on facebook, or twitter are all living their lives doing their things they don’t care that I am over here writing about restaurants, my crappy day, my emo moment with a friend, or even that lovely dinner I cooked last night or maybe they do care and they want to cheer me on who knows.  It is ok for me to choose to not find out right now.

So what I want everyone to do is make sure that you are doing you!  If you want to reconnect with that long lost friend then do so, if you want to hole up on the weekend and not talk to a single soul that is ok too, just do something that is for you and learn one step at a time that it is perfectly acceptable to do things just for you no matter how big or small it is.  Feel free to leave me a comment telling me how you plan to do you I would love to hear about it, because your story may help me or someone else learn how to take that step.

Internal Struggle

I have been having a couple hard days internally.  My brain is over analyzing the things around me and just wont give up.  I posted about a few weeks back about changes in friendship and over this last weekend it just for some reason showed me how much things have changed.  And I am struggling with it, I am a sensitive person anyway, I tend to take things personally whether I should or not.  Most times I can rationalize things and don’t let it get to me other times I just can’t help myself.  The joys of being human we can’t always control our feelings.  So over the weekend I just realized how much I miss having my friend in my corner, but at the same time if they were really in my corner would we even be in this position in the first place?  While I can rationalize that things change for a reason, people leave for a reason it doesn’t make it any easier on your feelings to know these things.

So my brain has been over analyzing the choices I have made and wondering about the choices they made and how we went from being friends to not being friends.  How did we get here, what did we say or do that got us here.  It is the merry-go-round type situation in my head.  Now I know that there are two sides to everything and I am not innocent in the situation.  I can own up to the fact that I made choices as well.  I chose to only reach out the way I have and only so many times.  Eventually it got to the point where I had to decide am I getting anything back?  Should I keep trying or is it time to see if they reciprocate in some way.  So eventually I stopped reaching out in whatever way I had been.  Because I just couldn’t anymore and unfortunately nothing ever came from their end and here we are 5 months later.  And it is funny how out of nowhere you think you are fine with the choices you have made you realize that even though you are ok with them the fact that things have changed you can’t help but feel hurt by the change.  It wasn’t an easy choice for me to make but I know and knew it was the right one for me.  I am sure this is just a moment of sadness because I see how different things are now and time will only heal the scars.

Mini Cheesy Meatloaf

While trying to decide what I wanted to cook for the week I got this craving for meatloaf.  I know it seems like a weird craving but for some reason it just sounded so good.  I remember my parents making a cheese stuffed meatloaf as a kid, we didn’t get it all the time but it showed up on the dinner table often.  It was quick and cooked in the microwave; we had a thing for meals cooked in the microwave so much so we have a huge recipe box full of microwave only recipes, who knows maybe I’ll but one of those out in the future.  Now I have had some good meatloaf and the bad, I think there is a fine line between something delicious and just a block of meat; and unfortunately it doesn’t take much to cross into the bad.  I think this is why meatloaf gets such a bad rap often times it is hard and flavorless, I have had many people tell me how gross meatloaf is and then they describe that cafeteria meatloaf from elementary school.  I am sorry there was no way to make that taste good.  So when I think about what I was served as a kid it was always full of flavor and stuffed with cheese how can you go wrong with that.  Now honestly I can’t tell you the last time I actually had meatloaf but I had to do something about this craving so I came up with this:

©Blurred Lines

©Blurred Lines

Since I did not have my parent’s recipe on hand and I didn’t really know where to start but I did know what I wanted in it, simple flavors and cheese.  I did a little research on the good old internet and crafted my own recipe.  I took bits and pieces from recipes online and my knowledge of how my parent’s always whipped it up or guesses on how they whipped it up.  The biggest decision I made was to make it in small individual loaves versus the large loaf that most people remember being served at the dinner table.  Next I wanted to have a sweet & salty type sauce on top to help with moisture and below you can see the whole recipe.  Don’t forget to make adjustments as you see fit, a little more spices here or less cheese (but who wants less cheese) cooking is fun and should be enjoyed so use what you love!

Mini Cheesy Meatloaves

1 lb ground beef (or any other ground meat you prefer)

1-2 eggs lightly beaten (I used two medium eggs adjust for the size you have on hand)

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 medium yellow onion diced

1 tbsp dried orageno

1 tbsp dried parsley

1 tsp granulated garlic or minced garlic

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 cup plain breadcrumbs (you may need more or less depending on how wet your meat is, I used an extra 1/4 cup)

Salt & Pepper

Ingredients for the Sauce

1/4 – 1/2 cup Ketchup

1 tbsp Horseradish Mustard (next time I will up this to 2 tbsp)

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp brown sugar

Heat oven to 425° F and then place your oven rack in the middle of the oven.  Line a rimmed baking sheet with tinfoil and spray with nonstick cooking spray.

While the oven preheats get a large bowl and put in your ground beef, spices, Worcestershire sauce, lightly beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.  The next part is messy but the only way to make meatloaf, remove any jewelry and then get your hands in there and mix it all up.  At this point if it feels really wet add additional breadcrumbs just to soak up the extra liquid and help keep things together.  Once you have it all mixed up throw in your onion & shredded cheese and give it another good mix.  Feel free to add everything all at once then mix it up, I did in two mixes because honestly I forgot those two ingredients on the other side of the counter and I decided to write this exactly how I did it not that it matters but you never know.  The joys of cooking, you can improvise as you go through it is never exact and that is half the fun.  This is how it should look once mixed up, meat doesn’t look dry and everything is fully incorporated.

©Blurred Lines

©Blurred Lines

Once everything is mixed up you are going to form 4 to 6 loaves with your hands, and place on your greased cookie sheet.  It all depends on how big you make them, I only made 4 this time.  I got two on the larger size and two smaller ones, which was perfect for lunch the next day.

©Blurred Lines

©Blurred Lines

After you have formed your loaves and given your hands a good scrubbing it is time to make the sauce.  In a small bowl take your ketchup, mustard, spices and sugar and give it a good stir.  Once it is all mixed up spoon the mixture over each of the loaves giving them a nice top coat.  The sugar in the sauce will begin to caramelize and become almost like barbeque sauce.

©Blurred Lines

©Blurred Lines

By time you have sauced the loaves your oven should be nice and hot.  Go ahead and place them in middle of your oven for 25 – 30 mins or until the center is no longer pink.  At 25 mins I pulled mine out and as you can kind of see below I cut into it to make sure that it was cooked through and it was perfect.  Depending on how the size and thickness you may have to adjust the cooking time.

©Blurred Lines

©Blurred Lines

Once you remove them from the oven let them sit for 5 mins to rest before diving into your yummy dinner!  Just look at all the melted cheese mixing in the with sauce, yum!  I served mine with asparagus that was tossed with garlic salt and parmesan cheese and red potatoes that I cooked in the microwave and topped with butter, salt & pepper.

I really enjoyed this dish, it has a nice texture not hard like some meatloaves can get if they are over cooked, I think the small loaves help with this.  The nice thing about the onions is that they soften up and add moisture to the loaf which really helps keep the texture soft and more like a really good hamburger.  I ended up bringing the leftovers to work so my mother and I could enjoy them and they were just as good the next day.

I would love to hear how yours turns out or if you made any changes and how they worked, just leave me a comment!