Popsugar Must Have Box – March 2013

This review is coming late in the month and I am sorry about that unfortunately this is due to my day job taking up all my time. I wont be able to have a steady schedule until after the tax deadline, downside to working in the accounting field. So below is my review of March’s Popsugar Must Have Box.

Here is a look at everything that was received once un-boxed.

© Blurred Lines

© Blurred Lines

I will start in the upper left hand corner and move clockwise around the photo, so first up is the Sweater Saver, this is a pumice type stone that you use to remove pilling from your sweaters.  Unfortunately for me I do not have a lot of sweaters and the ones I do have, currently do not seem to be pilling.  So this may not be an item I would use, I am going to keep this item in a drawer because it is nice to have on hand if I need but not something I would ever buy.

The next item is also from Hollywood Fashion Secrets and is one of the special extras in the box it is fashion tape samples.  There are 4 different types of tape one of each of the ones they sell on their site; hem tape, fashion tape shapes, accessory dots & fashion tape. Of all the tapes I think the one I would use first off would be the accessory dots, because sometimes we just have those necklaces that keep turning or moving when we don’t want them to.  But overall this is not something I would use normally, I will defiantly keep these with the sweater saver because I am sure it could come in handy one day.

Next we have The Laundress Delicate Wash; this is a high end laundry detergent specifically for delicates.  I did see that there were other washes out there one for Cashmere & Wool and one for Denim Wash that people received.  I would have liked to have received the denim wash because I have a lot more jeans to wash than delicates.  Now not that I don’t wear delicates it’s just that I don’t treat them in any special way, they just go in the laundry and that is it.  I am sure I am breaking some faux pa actually I know I am because at one point I sold lingerie but of course my laziness wins every time so they just go in the washer.

© Blurred Lines

© Blurred Lines

Now we have the Buxom mascara (sorry the picture isn’t better the box is very shiny) I am looking forward to giving this a try once I use up my current tube.  I am always looking for a great mascara, something that really makes my lashes look full and long without having to curl them forever.  On Sephora it seems to be getting good reviews so hopefully it lives up to them.  Now it is certainly pricier than the drugstore mascara, almost double the cost.  But the one thing about women is if it makes our lashes pop it becomes worth the money.

Moving on to the next item we have the nail polish just above the necklace.  This is called The New Black; I received a metallic sage green and metallic purple/blue.  Neither of these colors appeal to me, they are along the lines of spring colors but just looking at the bottles doesn’t make me want to paint my nails so I will be putting them in my cabinet but doubt I will use them.  Again I would’ve rather have received the pink/red colors that others got but oh well.  Looks like this polish can be purchased at Sephora or Nordstrom.

Heather Belle necklace is next and my favorite piece in the box.  Over the last year I have finally started to wear gold jewelry and I love long necklaces like this. I have been looking for another long necklace to add to my collection, because I only have one other necklace and I wear it so much that I am getting bored with it.  I tend to wear them to work and this is great because it isn’t overly dressy so it is great for everyday but could easily be dressed up for a fancier outfit.  I really do love this piece and I will be sure to follow Heather Belle and see what else she comes up with in the future.  Her website is finally up and running again which I have linked it below in the breakdown.

The last and final piece is the Spoon Sisters Corkatoo Corkscrew, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this.  It is a fun design of a pretty boring item.  I will look forward to using this at my next party.  Because this is definitely something that you don’t want to just keep in a drawer.

Box Price Breakdown:

Heather Belle Necklace: $72

The Laundress Delicate Wash:  $19

Corkatoo Corkscrew: $15.99

Buxom Mascara: $19

The New Black Polish:  $10

Sweater Saver: $5.99

Total Retail Value: $141.98

My overall impression is that is was a decent box, it is well over the $35 cost so it certainly was worth the money even if I end up not using a few of the pieces.  It seems like there was some thought put into the box and the items that were included there didn’t seem to be anything really off the wall in the box and I was happy to see that there weren’t any coupons as part of the box this month, I have never been a fan of that.  The ones that were included related to the items we received which I do like especially if the product I really like it will entice me to purchase something in the future.  The special extra of peeps for the Easter holiday is cute, unfortunately I really hate peeps so these will for sure go to waste or at least into the office maybe someone will eat them. Since I have been riding the fence on whether cancel or not this box has at least made up my mind to stay on for one more month without hesitation because it shows that there is progress being made in some way.  Hopefully this is a sign that things will just get better and better.

If you are interested in giving Popsugar Must Have Box a shot click here to register.  By clicking here and registering I do earn points towards free boxes, I do not receive any kind of compensation for this review or anything for clicking the above links during the price breakdown.

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