525251_10152778221150193_2064020752_nHi my name is Adeline and I am just a girl living a very random life.  I say random but really it is just kind of normal.  I run an accounting office by day and blog when I can about all the things going on in my life.  I often wish life was more exciting, then I realize I really enjoy the fact that I can lounge around in my bed until 2 pm on a Saturday and that is perfectly acceptable.  Well acceptable to me that is and if it isn’t to you, you really should give it a shot because you might be surprised on how good it feels.

Just so you can get to know me better here are five things you may or may not know about me:

1:  I am currently obsessed with my Nespresso espresso machine so much so that you shouldn’t be surprised if it makes a debut on the site or if you follow me on twitter I am sure to post a few photos of all the drinks I make.

2:  I hope to one day have a cupcake shop or truck; heck I would take a walk up window but for now I settle for baking in my kitchen for friends and family.  I recently had my first baking fail in a very long time while trying to make black forest cake; let’s just say the cherries tasted like cough syrup.  Luckily for me I learned Trader Joe’s cherries are not the ones I should use.

3:  I recently (as in over the last year) became a Whovian, it’s its own special club and those that are in it know exactly what I am talking about.  Because of this new love of Doctor Who it has lead me to all the other great BBC shows like Sherlock & Downton Abbey; so basically BBC is ruining TV for me because nothing else lives up to it!

4:  I am currently on a weight loss journey which I have touched on in a couple posts and I am sure will make its way in here and there as I am on a goal to loose 100 pounds over 12 months.  As of my update of this page 5/15/13 I am down 25 pounds, the last few months have been a struggle so it will be nice to have things level out.

5:  While I didn’t get my degree in Interior Design I absolutely love it and I am constantly thinking of new things to do in my house; which is why nothing ever gets done decor-wise in my house because I keep finding new ideas to do so I just can’t commit.

These are just a few of the facts about me, I will try to come back and update this page as things change or if I find a new obsession I just cannot help but share! Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around!


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