The Beginning…

Over the last few years I have really began to learn how much I enjoy the life of dining out.  I blame my parents for treating me to fancy dinners sporadically through my childhood.  It didn’t happen all the time but enough that I understood how much of a treat it was.  This joy of getting to go out and enjoy some great dishes accompanied with some of the best chefs in the world right in our valley has brought me to this blog.

I had decided that I want to start a food blog, I originally started out thinking it was going to be about me cooking at home but I realized I already have plenty of those resources they are everywhere including my favorites list on StumpleUpon, but what was lacking was a resource of reviews on all the local places in Las Vegas.  Something with a little more depth than Yelp, Urban Spoon or Google.  Just a place to see where you should go next.  Occasionally when I travel I will post about other restaurants (BLD in LA will be the first non-Las Vegas post) but I want to give people and idea that there is more to us than the places located on the Strip; granted I can’t say I will avoid it all together some of the best restaurants are there I am sure, but I want to experience life outside the tourist destination.

So I hope you enjoy what is to come and please if you know of a place I should try let me know

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